Jive to Salesforce Bolt

The fastest way to move from Jive to Salesforce Community Cloud.

Make the Jump to Salesforce without Losing What You Love about Jive.

Our Lightning Bolt was built to make the move from Jive to Salesforce Community Cloud easy. Keep the look and feel you’re used to and simplify the transition on the backend, saving time and disruption while you migrate your existing community.

Familiar Look and Feel

We developed the Jive-to-Salesforce Lightning Bolt to look and feel just like the Jive community your users love and know. Increase adoption rates and keep downtime to a minimum with this Lightning Bolt, which makes the switch to Salesforce easy for Jive users and the backend migration as well.

Support from the Leading Platform

Get more out of your community by switching to Salesforce, the leading CRM that is quickly becoming the platform of choice for business. Benefit from more integrations, greater support, and even more scalability.

See us on AppExchange

Find out more about the Jive to Salesforce Lightning Bolt on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Ready to Start with Salesforce?

If you’re ready to move forward on your journey to the internal or external community your organization needs, whether it be building a new one or migrating an existing one to a new platform, get in touch via this form and one of our experts will get back to you shortly.