Media Contact: Paul Shin
Senior Managing Director of Marketing

DALLAS, TEXAS. — June 11, 2018 — Paladin Group, a Salesforce Community Cloud leader, has expanded its national reach by opening a new permanent office location in Dallas, Texas.

Paladin has been expanding exponentially throughout the first half of 2018, and recently announced the addition of new members to the senior leadership team. Although Paladin employees are allowed to work remotely and are located throughout the United States, the office in Dallas represents an effort on Paladin’s part to extend sales and customer support efforts while supporting employee growth through permanent office locations in other key parts of the country.

“Our customers and employees are located throughout the U.S., and we are working to provide them with greater support by having a physical presence to meet them where they are,” said Alan Lewis, CEO of Paladin Group.

Paladin Group’s main office has been in California for several years, and this is the company’s first of many planned permanent offices across the country. Much of the development and service team is located in and around Dallas, so establishing a new office in Texas was an easy choice.

“We’ve had a presence in this part of the country for quite some time,” said Bojan Kalajdzik, Vice President of Salesforce Practice for Paladin Group. “With so many of our development team in the area, we decided it was a smart move to open a permanent office to support them in Dallas.”

Many of the platform partners that Paladin works with hold events in Texas throughout the year, and the permanent office will give any traveling members of the Paladin team a home base during those events. The new office will also provide better customer support options for clients in the Central and Eastern Time Zones.

“It’s important to us to provide a workspace for our employees and our sales team where they can provide the best possible service to our growing customer base,” said Al Ramirez, Vice President of Sales for Paladin Group. “Texas has always been a major hub of activity for us, and having an office in Dallas helps us reach our clients in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas much more effectively.”

With its current growth, the Paladin Group is always on the lookout for new team members. You can see a current list of open positions at

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