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Fico Case Study

The Company

Headquartered in Silicon Valley USA, FICO™ (NYSE:FICO) is a leading analytics software company, helping businesses in 80+ countries make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.


  • San Jose, California


  • Computer Software



The Problem

FICO Suffered from these Pain Points.

Security Issues

With so much sensitive customer data, security is a top concern for FICO. Unfortunately, with the older system they used, maintaining security was difficult and costly.

Future Uncertainty

Jive’s acquisition by Aurea and subsequent sale to Lithium meant FICO was uncertain of the future of their existing community platform. With their license expiring in June 2018, they needed to decide on a new platform and migrate quickly.

Custom Components

After years on the Jive platform, many of the components that FICO employees had come to rely on might not translate to other platforms. They needed assurance that the new community would look and feel just like their old one.

User Adoption

In order for the new platform to work, FICO’s employees needed to find it easy to use and similar enough to their old platform to make adoption quick and painless.

The Challenge

FICO’s motivation for migrating from Jive to Salesforce for their public facing community was initiated by Jive being acquired by Aurea and the subsequent sale to Lithium. The future of Jive X was uncertain. FICO’s Jive licenses were expiring in 2018 and it was the ideal time to migrate to a new platform.

The Solution

FICO selected Salesforce Community to replace their existing Jive X community based on the functionality and ease of expansion. FICO chose Paladin as the implementation partner based on historical relationship working on Jive internal and Jive external instances. In addition, Paladin provided a roadmap of growth and expansion of the Community Platform for documentation and license provisioning.


Paladin migrated users and content from Jive X to a Salesforce community, including integration with OKTA SSO.

Native Tools

Paladin was able to leverage Salesforce’s native applications, including the Lightning Napili template, chat groups, community pages, and navigational topics to transfer the old community into the new platform.

Custom Development

In order to create the look-and-feel that would allow users to feel comfortable, Paladin built custom components for the new community, including wiki, blog, YouTube video, and Twitter components. They also built custom tiered connected groups and multi-group approval logic.

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