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The workplace after COVID-19 is going to change. All resources in one location. Accessible to all employees via desktop or mobile device. In-office or working from home.


Top of mind for employees and employers is communicating accurate information, policies, and employee feedback to ensure a safe work environment from communicable and infectious disease.

While keeping your valued employees informed, readily connected, and meaningfully engaged is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that you keep your valued employees is equally important. We will emerge from this global slowdown, and when we do will your workforce be ready to be productive and feel safe, whether working in the office once again or remotely?

Our Employee Health Resources Center can be live in one week, and we will do this at our cost while extending the Salesforce licenses you already own. This is the right thing to do, and it will protect your valued employees.

Today, businesses face disparate, inconsistent, and difficult to manage employee communication and information platforms.

With Salesforce & Paladin’s omnichannel Employee Health Resources solution, businesses can have a quick time to value, and comprehensive platform to disseminate evidence-based health information, HR policy and procedures, business policies, and access to operational services (remote).

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Organizations have access to employee health and personnel information, but it’s commonly spread across numerous systems such as Corporate Communications, HR Updates, Functional Portals, IT service requests and cases for HR Agents. Paladin’s Employee Health Resources Center powered by Salesforce centralizes the information employees want in a single location.

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